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Peter Jensen is a dynamic speaker with a PhD. in Sport Psychology. An authority on leadership, he is a renowned innovator - bringing coaching and personal high performance to corporations worldwide.

Peter has attended nine Olympic games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team and has helped numerous athletes achieve high performance levels under intense pressure including, most recently, the gold-medal winning Women's Hockey team. With the world of Olympic level sport as a laboratory, he has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader of high performers.

Peter is a top-rated instructor in seven programs at the Queen's Smith School of Business. He also helped design the Queen's Executive Leadership Program. He is a founding director of Performance Coaching Inc., one of Canada's leading corporate training firms. Fortune 500 companies in eight countries have benefited from Peter's programs.

Peter combines fundamental leadership concepts with new ideas and ongoing insights from Olympic coaches and corporate leaders. He distills diverse approaches and brings practical clarity to effective leadership skills by sharing their tangible application in the business world.

Peter has written three books: The Inside Edge, Ignite the Third Factor, and, most recently, Thriving in a 24-7 World - a compelling look at how everyone can use the skills of energy management to enhance personal resilience under pressure. His work has been featured on ABC, CBS, CBC, CTV and in a wide array of print media in North America and Europe. Peter's clients include BP, Nexen, Syncrude, Labatt, Hydro One, CCMD, RCMP, GE Capital, Maclean's and Royal Bank.

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Peter Jensen has a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology but is not a registered psychologist. He does not practice medicine or psychology and is not a member of a health professional college. Peter Jensen’s work is limited to performance coaching.

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Selected Corporate Clients:
  • CIBC
  • Coeur Mining
  • Gen Re
  • Potash Corporation
  • Queen's Smith School of Business
  • RBC
  • Tangerine (formerly ING Direct)
  • Telus