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With 23 years of experience delivering executive coaching based on the TAIS assessment, and first-hand experience in various senior management positions ranging from VP of Marketing and Sales to Director of Finance, Karl Hagglund marries his coaching skills with an operational background to help his clients succeed.

Before moving to the coaching world, Karl held top-level positions in various functions including Accounting, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. In these roles, he was instrumental in aiding rapid financial turnarounds and strategically re-engineering organizations to better compete in an increasingly global forum. His exposure and first-hand knowledge of the ultra-competitive nature of the business world gives him great context to draw upon when coaching clients for high performance under pressure.

Karl is an advocate for, and an expert on, the TAIS instrument, an assessment tool that he has personally used to guide his own career decisions in life, as well as to provide insight and practical tips for self-improvement to his clients for over 23 years. After completing the TAIS himself he entered into the executive coaching profession and has since been sharing his knowledge and passion for the TAIS instrument. Over and over again, client reviews have echoed a similar praise for Karl’s ability to listen and convey the right message in a tangible way. It is his expertise that earns him rave reviews, but it’s his integrity that has maintained Karl’s 15-20 year relationships with clients.

Karl takes an imaginative and innovative approach to helping people. With over five Ebooks under his belt and the creation of several apps, Karl captures his practice with technology in hopes of making it more accessible and he continues to look for ways to better serve his clients.

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Selected Corporate Clients:
  • BIOX Corporation
  • HydroOne
  • Minto Group
  • PowerStream
  • Pro Mach Manufacturing
  • Queen's School of Business
  • Syncrude
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