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Olympian Karyn Garossino, BA, M. Ed., brings a combination of insight and grit from 40+ years of being coached and coaching others. Her experience at the highest levels of elite sport, Master's Degree in psychology and adult education, and experience working with thousands of leaders in business and Government bring huge depth to her understanding what it takes to thrive under pressure—and to lead others to do the same.

Karyn’s career as a competitive figure skater spanned ten years of international competition, including five world championships, a trip to the 1988 Olympic Games, and a spot at the top of the podium at the Canadian championships in 1989. Karyn attributes much of her success to her ability to master the inner skills required to transform pressure into growth - concepts and skills she now teaches in programs with Queen’s Smith School of Business and to individuals at all levels in organizations through our Building Resilience, Coaching for High Performance, Coaching for Challenging Conversations, and Building Powerful Relationships programs.

Karyn’s speeches and workshops focus on three areas: a highly learnable resiliency skill, the interpersonal abilities required to handle challenging conversations, and the leadership skills to create environments where pressure acts as a catalyst for personal growth – rather than a contributor to strain and burnout.

Karyn has considerable experience in tackling high pressure situations. Her resilience, poise and skill under pressure were built from the ground up. Karyn first learned these skills as an athlete, deepened her understanding of them through academic study, and continues to learn as she teaches high performers in business and sport.

Karyn is an articulate and effective communicator who conveys the course material with conviction, credibility and humour. Participants appreciate her animated approach to teaching and her responsiveness to group dynamics. As she draws on personal experiences to bring the course concepts to life, Karyn’s presentations are thought provoking and inspiring.

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Selected Corporate Clients:
  • EcSell Institute
  • Enbridge Gas
  • Hydro One
  • Nexen
  • Queen's Smith School of Business
  • RBC
  • RCMP
  • TD Bank
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