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Roy Rana is one of the most decorated Canadian basketball coaches of all time. From leading Eastern Commerce High School to five provincial championships in nine years, to bringing the Ryerson Rams from obscurity to five consecutive national championship appearances, Rana has a track record of building success in unlikely places. He’s the first coach to ever beat the United States to win a world title in basketball. And this year, his work with the Men’s National Team has Canada on its way to the World Cup.

In this video series, Roy shares how we used his own negative emotions as fuel for higher performance. He also discusses the importance of building connections with everyone on his team, and how confrontation can be a normal part of a healthy team environment.

"I'm going to do whatever I need to do to dispel that myth"

Coach Rana explains how he uses negative emotions as a fuel to drive higher performance and personal growth in himself and the people he coaches.

Building personal connections and staying humble

Coach Rana talks about how small acts can help teams build personal connections and shares the rituals of touching and practicing humility that his teams use to connect at a deeper level.

We've got to show up and compete tonight

Coach Rana talks about how challenging and confrontation can exist in a healthy team environment and shares how he challenges his players to perform at their best.

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