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Jeremiah Brown wasn’t always destined to compete in the Olympics. His journey from the first stroke to an Olympic Silver Medal in rowing took just four years – an accomplishment that required tremendous strength and determination.

Jeremiah’s unique journey also required him to become a student of leadership, teamwork and resilience, and he put those skills to work again following his Olympic effort when he wrote a book, The 4 Year Olympian, based on his experience.

In this video series, Jeremiah shares his perspective on the impact of coaching, the power of emotion and imagery, and the importance of maintaining perspective under pressure.

"I want to go to the Olympics, and I want to win a gold medal"

Jeremiah reflects on sharing his goal of competing in the Olympics for the first time with rowing coach Doug White, and how his effective coaches can inspire belief in their team members.

Fight, flight... or just keep rowing

Jeremiah shares how maintaining perspective and focus on his goal helped him overcome the conflict between his body and mind.

A tornado of negative thoughts

Jeremiah talks about coming back after a crushing defeat in spite of self-doubt.

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