As an accomplished chef, Michael Bonacini is used to the intense pressure of a high-end restuarant’s kitchen. As a Founding Partner at Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, Canada’s largest upscale dining company, he understands what it takes to build a 1,000+ person organization from the ground up. And as a judge on MasterChef Canada, he knows what it feels like to be under the bright lights in front of millions.

In short: he understands what it takes to succeed, regardless of the context.

In this series of three short videos, Michael shares the lessons he’s learned about keeping it real, making the perfect hollandaise sauce, and the value of a phone call from Michael Bonacini.

Keep it real, not perfect

Michael reflects on some advice received from a coach on MasterChef Canada, and how to reconcile it with his chef's drive for perfection.

There's more than one way to make a Hollandaise sauce

Michael considers whether following the recipe is over-rated.

"I got a call from that guy Michael Bonacini ..."

Michael reflects on the value of critical feedback and negative reviews.

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