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In Three Myths About Building Powerful Relationships, Sandra Stark and Garry Watanabe take a look at the why, what and how of building the kind of 1:1 relationships at work that inspire others to work harder, push farther, and take more risks.


Both the Gallup Organization and Google’s re:Work project have identified that a strong relationship rooted in psychological safety is a primary predictor of team engagement and performance. Great coaches in sport and in business help people move beyond what they believe they can do, and handle more pressure than they think they can, because of the psychological safety a powerful relationship creates. And, relationships are particularly aligned to core motivators of a millennial workforce.
In most organizations, however, the quality of personal relationships is often perceived as something that may or may not unfold depending on personalities. In this month's feature article, we shed light on three myths about relationships inside organizations, and propose some best practices for turning relationships into a driver of great results.

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October 17,2017 By Sandra Stark & Garry Watanabe