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We’ve worked with over 85 athletes and coaches who will be competing at the Games in just a few short weeks, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll use all their mental and physical preparation to turn in their best performances under the immense pressure of Olympic competition. When we watch the Games, we’ll be looking for how the skills and tactics these amazing athletes and coaches have been practicing in the areas of resilience, self-awareness, coaching, and biofeedback training translate into amazing outcomes, personal bests, and hopefully a few medals along the way.
And we’ve created a gamecard to help you do the same. To see the Games through our eyes, simply download this gamecard and print it out. Then, keep it handy as you watch the Games, and use the prompts in the boxes to look for the mindsets, skills and tactics that help athletes perform in high pressure situations. Jot down the examples you find, along with any insights. And keep in mind, the same things that help athletes and coaches perform in high stakes situations can help YOU perform at your best under the pressures you face in your jobs and in your lives!

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January 22,2018 By Sandra Stark & Garry Watanabe