Whitepaper sm dec 12

Getting the Feedback You Need

Self-improvement cannot occur in a vacuum yet many managers do not proactively seek the feedback that they need to improve.

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The Stories we tell ourselves Whitepaper sm oct 12

The Stories We Tell Ourselves that Limit Performance

Most of us are fiction writers by nature – and these fictional stories have significant implications for performance.

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whitepaper allnight

Time to Put the All-Nighter to Rest

With an ever expanding to-do list, employees are facing their own version of an energy crisis.

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Its a Funny Thing Whitepaper sm may 12v2

It's a Funny Thing

Laugh if you will, but the relationship between humour and energy is serious business.

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Lessons Whitepaper sm feb 12

Lessons from Sport for the 'Real World'

The parallels between the sport and business world are endless.

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Thoughtful Coaching Whitepaper sm oct 11

Relationships Matter

Businesses operate in a social world, where relationships have the power to drive success or halt high performance.

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Improving with age Whitepaper sm may 11

Improving with Age

We have undersold the contribution of practice when it comes to high performance.

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whitepaper confronting

Confronting our Fear of Confronting

When it comes to confronting our direct reports, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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whitepaper health

When Health and Performance Converge

Upon hearing the 'c-word' from his doctor, Peter Jensen embraced teachings from the Inside Edge in order to equip him for the...

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Coaching in Action Whitepaper sm nov 09

Coaching in Action

Real success stories of PCI clients are shared to help you tackle your next coaching challenge!

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Excellence and the role of parent Whitepaper sm jun 09

Excellence and the Role of the Parent

For many of us, our role as manager does not end in the workplace –we are also managers of our household.

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Embracing Adversity Whitepaper sm mar 09

Embracing Adversity

Determining what you can and can’t control is the key to harnessing the tremendous instructive power of adversity.

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