coaching through hard times 296x200

Coaching Through Hard Times

Our work at Performance Coaching takes us to situations like international competitions where people can experience extreme disappointment and failure.

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The Paradox of Pressure

We are living in the age of pressure. Many businesses are facing disruption from technology, artificial intelligence and automation.

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Ignite, Don't Incinerate

Leading for results does not have to be at the expense of your people’s health.

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Power Converters

What do elite athletes know about resilience? They know that it is largely an inside job.

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No Pressure No diamonds Whitepaper sm diamonds

No Pressure, No Diamonds

Achieving optimal performance and preserving mental health should not be viewed as conflicting goals.

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whitepaper allnight

Time to Put the All-Nighter to Rest

With an ever expanding to-do list, employees are facing their own version of an energy crisis.

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Its a Funny Thing Whitepaper sm may 12v2

It's a Funny Thing

Laugh if you will, but the relationship between humour and energy is serious business.

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whitepaper health

When Health and Performance Converge

Upon hearing the 'c-word' from his doctor, Peter Jensen embraced teachings from the Inside Edge in order to equip him for the...

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Your Head Your Health Whitepaper sm oct 05

Your Head, Your Health, and Your Work -What's the Link?

Focusing on developing mental fitness is an untapped lever for growing the bottom line that is within the control of the organization.

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