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Innovation is the top priority in every global survey of CEOs - and yet few organizations are truly innovative. So, why is leading innovation so difficult?

First, human beings have survived as a species by avoiding uncertainty and today those predispositions are hard-wired into our biology. Second, organizations value predictability and compliance, and develop processes to drive out the anomalies that hamper efficiency and profitability.

As a result, leading innovation means fighting both biological and corporate antibodies – exploring uncertainty, taking calculated risks, and embracing ambiguity and failure. New tools are a part of the journey – but without investing in the personal transformation necessary to fight the biological drive to β€˜safe ground’, leaders will never use the tools.

In this comprehensive article, Melissa Quinn outlines what the personal transformation entails and how to think about spurring this journey for yourself - and those around you.

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October 14,2016 By Melissa Quinn

Category: Coaching