Putting All Nighter to Rest Whitepaper may 12

With an ever expanding to-do list, employees are facing their own version of an energy crisis.

In today's 24/7 world, we are presented with increasing demands, yet the number of hours in a work day has not changed. Rather than try to “invent” more time by skipping sleep, exercise, and meals, Garry Watanabe outlines an eight point plan that will help wake you up to the “Recover and Perform” approach.  His approach is essential for energy management and focuses not only on energy consumed, but also on energy conserved. The latter part is where so many of us fail –in scheduling time for rest and recovery after or before a big performance. Balancing the energy management equation demands that time is taken for the renewal of our bodies and minds.

So go ahead, combat your energy crisis with some well-deserved sleep.

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May 01,2012 By Garry Watanabe

Category: Healthy High Performance