The Self-Aware Team

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The Self-Aware Team is a boot camp for intact teams who want to communicate, collaborate, and deliver results more consistently.

Individuals will learn:

  • What they tend to pay attention to, and miss, under pressure
  • How they process information
  • How to use the three dominant attentional styles to pay attention to the right things
  • How their tendencies will help and hinder them - and how to build on strengths and shore up weaknesses

Teams Will Learn:

  • How their team stacks up to other executive teams
  • The unique challenges their team is going to face based on similarities and differences among team members
  • How to leverage team strengths to perform at higher levels
  • How to mitigate against conflicts and issues that are likely to arise in the group


delivered on-site


prior to the workshop based on the TAIS assessment


through the Trainer as Partner action plan process


per session

Most training doesn’t stick.
Ours does.

The Self-Aware Team program has been carefully designed to open participants to development through self-awareness, provide them with new skills and tools to take action, encourage them to commit to a change, and then provide them with the support and accountability necessary to sustain their focus.

Designed to stick swot team


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