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The Inside Edge Book: High Performance through Mental Fitness

The cover of the Inside Edge Book: High Performance through Mental Fitness

The Inside Edge is Dr. Peter Jensen's easy-to-read and often humorous book that helps readers learn to develop the awareness and key mental-fitness skills necessary to achieve high performance in all aspects of life.

This Canadian best-seller presents a comprehensive, common-sense package of techniques, skills, and mental preparation exercises to help readers attain the inside edge - the art of controlling what goes on inside us in order to manage what goes on around us.

The Inside Edge is useful to anyone in an environment where pressure and the need for excellence are present - in the fast-paced work world, in juggling family and work responsibilities, in managing stressful personal health circumstances, and, of course, in the world of high-performance sports.

Dr. Peter Jensen has drawn on his experience with high-level performers in business, health, and sport to develop this engaging, useful book.

Must reading. A book that should be used as a reference manual for living, and more important, enjoying, your life. - Joe Nolen, 3M Canada

Soft Cover: $18.95 CDN

Workshop Support Materials: In addition to being available for purchase, The Inside Edge book is part of the great package of support materials for The Inside Edge workshop. The package also includes an excellent workbook, an exercise CD, and The Inside Edge Audio Program.

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Understandable, enjoyable, meaningful. A unique combination from a unique author. - David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber

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