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Bespoke consulting and training support for elite athletes, coaches, and sport organizations

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New Whitepaper: Building Powerful Relationships

In Three Myths About Building Powerful Relationships, Sandra Stark and Garry Watanabe take a look at the why, what and how of building the kind of 1:1 relationships at work that inspire...

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Mentoring the Next Generation of Olympians

Near the end of August, PCI CEO Dane Jensen and Sport Lead Garry Watanabe spent a day working on coaching & mentoring skills with a group of 18 current and former Olympians...

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Executive Performance Summit

Performance Coaching Founder Peter Jensen will be one of the Keynote Speakers at this year's Globe & Mail Personal Performance Summit in Toronto on Nov. 7th. 

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Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Spotted: @performcoach's Kara Stelfox at the Grand Slam of Curling - The National women's finals with… https://t.co/2LT49IyzZJ about 3 days ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen @lorilynne1 you're famous! ha - great to see! about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Great quote - "stress is like a medication - dose is vital" https://t.co/XALDCCXbZh about 1 week ago.

Lori Quinn @lorilynne1 The 7-Day Challenge – Lori Quinn’s journey to that pub in Ireland https://t.co/2o4DNm3GF0 about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @JayAndDan: #JayAndDan have an exciting announcement! https://t.co/enFUxyOoZb about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Way to go Debbie and all our partners at @CSIONTARIO https://t.co/wihXywuPHX about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Powerful story: "Brenda Tracy's fight against college football's rape culture" - #SetTheExpectation https://t.co/0drvJ5ZfC6 about 2 weeks ago.

Lori Quinn @lorilynne1 Learn more about how to build powerful relationships with your employees from @drpeterjensen & @garrywatanabe. https://t.co/vZ1biKrr0j about 2 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen What a performance by GSP. Great strategy and a ton of resilience. about 2 weeks ago.

Peter Jensen @drpeterjensen “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than out right exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Helen Keller about 2 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen “If you think you have a clear view of the truth - empathy has no value” - good stuff at @RogerLMartin and @JenniferRiel book launch about 2 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen One of the planet's great adventurers - and living example of #resilience - is at it again. https://t.co/7yFP6IxbDL about 2 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 4/ Often, building relationships at work gets left to our natural personalities - but there is a discipline to building relationships. about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 5/ And the kind of relationships we're talking about don't happen through 'coffee chats' and networking. about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 6/ So, if you're interested in building the kind of relationships we see with exceptional coach / athlete pairings - please come on out! about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 1/ We're hosting an event in Toronto on Nov. 24th on 'The Power of Relationships' - https://t.co/SJFVkH24l4 about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 3/ In fact, Google identified it as the #1 driver of team performance - https://t.co/j9eFWo4b08 about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen 2/ A leader's ability to establish a strong relationships with their people rooted in psychological safety is vital. about 3 weeks ago.

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Our Programs

Coaching for High Performance

Coaching For High Performance is a two-day workshop, with up to five months of support, that equips managers with the skills, tools, and mindset of world-class coaches.

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Building Resilience

Over the long term, success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized, and show up motivated every day; in other words, your ability to be resilient.

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The Self-Aware Leader

The Self-Aware Leader is a 1-day journey to self-awareness that incorporates the TAIS assessment, 1-on-1 coaching, and highly personalized content to help participants effectively leverage their strengths under pressure.

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The Self-Aware Team

The Self-Aware Team is a 'boot camp' for intact teams who want to communicate, collaborate, and deliver results more consistently.

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Coaching for Challenging Conversations

A 2-Day workshop that helps participants harness the positive aspects of conflict while keeping their emotions under control.

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Building Powerful Relationships

An individualized program that addresses the #1 driver of employee engagement and resilience: the relationship a leader has with their direct reports.

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