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Design and delivery of leadership and personal resilience programs

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Delivery of speeches that motivate, educate, and entertain

High-Performance Sport

Bespoke consulting and training support for elite athletes, coaches, and sport organizations

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What's New


2018 Sport Impact Report

This past year was our most active year in sport ever - with over 160 days of our team's time dedicated to support athletes, coaches, support teams, and leaders in...

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Peter's Podcast: January 2018

Peter talks about the last year in sport, primes you to watch the Games through our eyes, and gives an update on work he's been doing to lay the foundation for...

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New Whitepaper: Building Powerful Relationships

In Three Myths About Building Powerful Relationships, Sandra Stark and Garry Watanabe take a look at the why, what and how of building the kind of 1:1 relationships at work that inspire...

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Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Great time with this group in Florida. The future is bright. https://t.co/hSEZLVySQb about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Great morning with @USGA and @worldgolffound on coaching #emergingleaders2018 https://t.co/hBhaLVVxxL about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen Congrats @MilosRPopovic ! Very well deserved. https://t.co/I4TrZO67X6 about 1 week ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @CSIONTARIO: Our 2 day Coach to Leader: Challenging Conversations workshop is in full swing! https://t.co/RICEkceBHV #buildingchampions… about 1 week ago.

Garry Watanabe @GarryWatanabe RT: @CanadaSoccerEN Canadian Women's Soccer coach John Herdman leaves to take on a new challenge https://t.co/DfxabfHX92 about 2 weeks ago.

Peter Jensen @drpeterjensen RT @ValaAfshar: A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment. —John Wooden https://t.co/KT4gOp32XK about 2 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @Inc: Harvard spent 79 years studying the lives of 724 men to determine what keeps people healthy and happy. They discovered it has noth… about 3 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @DavidHains: A Christmas Eve tweet thread! Recently @thekeenanwire wrote about how the old City of Toronto doesn't get its sidewalks c… about 4 weeks ago.

Peter Jensen @drpeterjensen RT @Kendra_Fisher30: My shameless ask for you to share this as much as possible, not because it’s my story but because it’s so many peoples… about 4 weeks ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @ppisters: Empathy - the ability to sense feelings and emotions in others: not just a crucial business skill for leaders but something t… about 1 month ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @SeanJMolloy: “Leaders need to be acutely aware of the impact of their behaviours on other people. If people don’t know what to expect o… about 1 month ago.

Lori Quinn @lorilynne1 No pressure - no diamonds #roadtopyeongchang https://t.co/lGsuleh1zG about 1 month ago.

Lori Quinn @lorilynne1 RT @WIRED: The internet is dangerous. Here's the all-encompassing WIRED guide to everything you need to know to stay safe https://t.co/q5fQabout 1 month ago.

Lori Quinn @lorilynne1 A day of meetings at #queens today. Beautiful work space. https://t.co/GoWvbGJKPj about 1 month ago.

Dane Jensen @DaneJensen RT @KellySotherton: This would have been the moment I knew I had won a medal. Instead looking on, knowing 2 athletes ahead of me cheated th… about 1 month ago.

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Our Programs

Coaching for High Performance

Coaching For High Performance is a two-day workshop, with up to five months of support, that equips managers with the skills, tools, and mindset of world-class coaches.

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Building Resilience

Over the long term, success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized, and show up motivated every day; in other words, your ability to be resilient.

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The Self-Aware Leader

The Self-Aware Leader is a 1-day journey to self-awareness that incorporates the TAIS assessment, 1-on-1 coaching, and highly personalized content to help participants effectively leverage their strengths under pressure.

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The Self-Aware Team

The Self-Aware Team is a 'boot camp' for intact teams who want to communicate, collaborate, and deliver results more consistently.

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Coaching for Challenging Conversations

A 2-Day workshop that helps participants harness the positive aspects of conflict while keeping their emotions under control.

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Building Powerful Relationships

An individualized program that addresses the #1 driver of employee engagement and resilience: the relationship a leader has with their direct reports.

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