Our Team

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen, Ph.D. is the founder of Performance Coaching. He is the mental preparation consultant for the Canadian Women's Hockey and Basketball teams, an instructor at Queen's Smith School of Business, and the author of three books.

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Sandra Stark

Sandra Stark holds a double masters degree in Counseling Psychology and Education, and her attention brings integrity to everything we do. She ensures that all of our programs are grounded in well researched concepts and ideas that honour the complexity of human nature. 

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Dane Jensen

Dane Jensen is a furious cross-pollinator between the podium and boardroom – advising CEOs and Senior leaders across sport and business on issues of strategy and leadership, and setting the overall direction for Performance Coaching. 

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Melissa Quinn

Melissa Quinn has spent 20 years in a variety of roles including leadership coach, strategy and innovation advisor, head of training and development for a global company, and COO of Doblin – Deloitte Consulting’s design and innovation practice.

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Peggy Baumgartner
Director of Training

Peggy Baumgartner has dedicated her life to training excellence. Her passion for developing people, expertise, vast training experience, and engaging style make her the perfect trainer for demanding, senior-level audiences. 

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Carrie Drybrough
Director of Operations

Carrie Drybrough leads our Operations team, overseeing PCI's day-to-day operations, client service, and technology. She is our resident 'processes & systems' guru, and works to harmoniously coordinate all aspects of program delivery. 

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Steve Earle
Director of Sales

Steve Earle brings more than 25 years of experience in training, marketing and sales. He has worked on all sides of the training equation with tremendous success and is a master at working with clients to arrive at the perfect solution.

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Lori Quinn
Account Executive

Lori Quinn brings 20+ years experience in the design, sale, and delivery of training. She works with clients every step of the way - supporting difficult conversations, offering advice, and increasing performance and team engagement.

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Garry Watanabe
Principal Trainer and Sport Lead

Garry Watanabe is a lawyer, an instructor at Queen’s School of Business, and an inspirational speaker. Most of all, whether he’s on the pool deck, in the classroom, or at the lectern, Garry is the consummate coach.

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Cyndie Flett
Principal Trainer

Cyndie Flett is one of Canada’s leading experts on coach education. As the former VP of Research and Development for the Coaching Association
of Canada, she has impacted how millions of coaches learn their craft. 

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Kara Stelfox
R&D Lead, Resilience

Kara Stelfox is a mental performance consultant, biofeedback practitioner, and certified exercise physiologist with a Masters degree in Human Kinetics. She uses her expertise at the intersection of physical and mental resilience to keep our programs on the cutting edge.

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Karyn Garossino
Associate Trainer

Karyn Garossino is an Olympian (1988, Figure Skating), an instructor at Queen's School of Business, and an accomplished coach. She brings her passion for sport, business, and life into every session she teaches.

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Jacques Charuest
Associate Trainer

Jacques Charuest has over thirty years of HR experience. He has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and has approached Human Resource Management issues from both the inside, and as an outside consultant.

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Karl Hagglund
Associate Trainer

Karl Hagglund has extensive experience in performance assessments, restructuring, executive coaching and team building.  As a certified TAIS coach, Karl is a master at helping individuals increase their self-awareness and performance under pressure.

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Gisele Bourgeois
TAIS Coach

Gisele Bourgeois is an accomplished coach and trainer in the fields of adult development, behavioural change, personal and professional accomplishment and career transition. 

Jenny Howe
TAIS Coach

Jenny Howe is a highly skilled Executive Coach and Facilitator who has for the past 15 years specialized in working with individual executives, managers and teams to develop their potential in areas of leadership, change management and resilience.

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Janet MacPhee
TAIS Coach

Janet MacPhee has helped individuals and organizations move to high performance for more than 17 years. As a facilitator, coach, and consultant she has worked with everyone from unionized shop-floor employees to company presidents.

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Jordan Lavin
Marketing Lead

In the role of marketing lead, Jordan Lavin is tasked with telling the story of Performance Coaching.

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Zorina Swallow

As PCI's Administrative Coordinator, Zorina Swallow ensures an optimal experience for our clients before, after, and during our programs.

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Alexis Ullerick

Alexis Ullerick handles the distribution of program pre-work, day-of logistics, and distributing our online sustainment resources.

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Vladimir Oppenheim

Vladimir Oppenheim brings over 15 years of experience helping corporations and individuals navigate the financial world.

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Our Partners

Our network of partners is one of our greatest assets. Together, we work to keep each other at the frontier of performance and cross-pollinate fresh ideas across sport, business, and not-for-profit.

Corporate Partner
Queen’s University

For over 20 years, we have partnered with the Smith School of Business at Queen's University to provide exceptional education experiences to Canadian managers and executives. Most of PCI's trainers are also instructors at Queen's.

Corporate Partner

We work with MedCan to provide coaching to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals.

Philanthropic Partner
Right to Play

Right To Play's mission is to change the world through the power of play. We help provide their leaders and coaches with the knowledge and tools necessary to support that mission in their daily work with over a million children.

Sport Partner
Hockey Canada

For the past three Olympic cycles, we have worked with the National Women's Team - supporting their incredible string of three gold-medal performances.

Sport Partner
Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

CSIO's mission is to put more Canadian athletes on international podiums. We support that mission through our work with athletes and programs for national team coaches.

Sport Partner
Canadian Paralympic Committee

CPC's mission is to make Canada the world's leading Paralympic nation. We work with their Board and executive team to help make that mission a reality.

Our Clients

Canadian Olympic Committee
Ontario power generation
Hydro One
Quebecor World
National Bank

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