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New Whitepaper: The Meta-Skilled Organization

March 03, 2017

In The Meta-Skilled Organization: From Execution to Evolution, Performance Coaching CEO Dane Jensen overviews the six meta-skills that allow individuals and organizations to evolve...

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Peter's Podcast: March 2017

March 02, 2017

Peter debriefs his work with the Men's World Junior Hockey Team at this winter's tournament and talks about the power of acting...

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New Whitepaper: Innovation Leadership

December 14, 2016

In Innovation Leadership: Organizational Antibodies and Human Biology, Performance Coaching Innovation Practice Lead Melissa Quinn provides a look at what it takes to drive...

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Future-Proof: A Breakfast Series

November 03, 2016

Over the coming seven months, we are hosting a series of three breakfast events that look ahead to the near-future of work.

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New Whitepaper: Managing Without Performance Reviews

October 14, 2016

In Will You Be Ready? Managing Without Performance Reviews, Performance Coaching Director of Training Peggy Baumgartner provides a road-map for navigating the current and coming...

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Peter's Podcast: October 2016

October 11, 2016

Peter debriefs his experience working with the Women's Basketball team and archer Crispin Duenas at the Rio Games.

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Webinar Recap: Wellness and Coaching

October 07, 2016

In this recap of an online seminar conducted with our partner Medcan, PCI CEO Dane Jensen lays out a model for thinking about behaviour change in...

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Personality Hardiness and Health

September 07, 2016

“The way you choose to look at a situation ultimately determines how you will respond,” says Dane Jensen, CEO of Performance Coaching, the...

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Your 2016 Summer Reading List

June 16, 2016

It's officially summer, which means it's time for our annual list of the books that have captivated us over the past 12 months.

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Peter's Podcast: June 2016

June 14, 2016

With Rio on the horizon, Peter provides an inside look at the way elite athletes are preparing to ensure they hit their goals this summer.

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New Article: The ABC of Mindfulness

May 19, 2016

In The ABC of Mindfulness, Performance Coaching Founder Peter Jensen lays out a simple way of applying the basic principles of Mindfulness in high-pressure situations.

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Join Peter for the #thriving247 Book Tour

November 27, 2015

As part of the launch for his new book Thriving in a 24-7 World, Peter will be bringing the #thriving247 message across...

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