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Coaching Through Hard Times

Our work at Performance Coaching takes us to situations like international competitions where people can experience extreme disappointment and failure.

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The Paradox of Pressure

We are living in the age of pressure. Many businesses are facing disruption from technology, artificial intelligence and automation.

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The Meta-Skilled Organization: From Execution to Evolution

Skills allow us to execute. Meta-skills like empathy, resilience, creativity, and self-awareness allow us to evolve.As organizations and industries face increasingly rapid...

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Will You Be Ready? Managing Without Performance Reviews

Have you heard? Annual performance reviews have been rated ‘needs improvement’.

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Innovation Leadership: Organizational Antibodies and Human Biology

Innovation is the top priority in every global survey of CEOs - and yet few organizations are truly innovative.

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The ABC of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be a hugely impactful performance and health enhancing skill.

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How The Best Get Better

At 8:00 AM on April 10, 2014, I was doing some math.

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Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Doing

We all know that we need to move our training focus beyond simply acquiring knowledge; success in training is about the application of...

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Ignite, Don't Incinerate

Leading for results does not have to be at the expense of your people’s health.

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Power Converters

What do elite athletes know about resilience? They know that it is largely an inside job.

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No Pressure, No Diamonds

Achieving optimal performance and preserving mental health should not be viewed as conflicting goals.

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Are You Listening?

Listen up! There is a fundamental difference between simply hearing someone and truly listening to what they are saying –a difference that...

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