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Achieving optimal performance and preserving mental health should not be viewed as conflicting goals. There is a common thread that links these two objectives, and that thread is pressure.

Much of the current dialogue surrounding mental health has focused on removing pressure. While this is sometimes warranted (we cannot stay healthy under immense pressure indefinitely) it is also true that pressure is not just inevitable, but actually essential in environments where high performance is expected. What is not as clear, however, is how pressure can be leveraged without pushing your people into mental injury. Coaches and athletes in elite sport work routinely to channel pressure into improved performance. Here, pressure is viewed not as a detriment to one’s health, but as a source of energy that, when supported correctly, can inspire both growth and development.

The result? High performance and healthy performers.

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June 01,2013 By Dane Jensen and Sandra Stark

Category: Healthy High Performance