This past year was our most active year in sport ever - with over 160 days of our team's time dedicated to support athletes, coaches, support teams, and leaders in sport organizations.
What you may not know is the direct role that you play in supporting our ability to enhance Canada’s competitiveness. Since our inception, our work in the corporate and Government spheres has allowed us to offer our services either pro bono or at deep discounts to the athletes, teams, coaches, and support teams we partner with.
As far as we know, this is a unique model in Canadian sport – and it is one that would not be possible without the continued support of clients like you. The purpose of this impact report is to do something we haven’t done before: connect the dots from the support and resources that you have invested in our organization to the impact that it has enabled for Canadian sport. We feel very privileged to be in this position, and this is one way for us to say ‘thanks’. Also, we hope that as you watch the Games, you can feel a sense of pride for what you’ve helped to build.

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January 22,2018 By Sandra Stark & Garry Watanabe

Category: Sports